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Il neige encore [des souvenirs]

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Atelier-récolte is a workshop that echos the audiovisual installation (s)no(w)borders presented at LaVallée.

This workshop will reactivate the idea behind the sound creation (s)no(w)borders, shifting it – from China to here, from then to now – and working with the questions that underpinned it, and which have lost none of their poetic-political evocative power.

From seemingly simple questions, we arrive at far more complex reflections on what lies behind a snowflake or its disappearance. Have you ever seen snow? Does snow erase borders? How do we live with it? Without it? What do we imagine about what we don’t know? What do we retain from what disappears?



Writer, artist, phd in art history, Anne Penders is an interdisciplinary artist working with text, images, sounds, archives, and calling it “writing”. Her work is poetical and political, always trying to question position (both theoretical and territorial) in a troubled world.