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Transcendence and Relaxation through Aural and Narrative Community Experience 

Julia E. Dyck and Diana Duta’s collaborative work explores the trance state in group rituals through the use of specific sound frequencies and voice-shapes. The hypnotic experience is an empowering state of being which is based on storytelling, visualisation and metaphor. Through the use of creative voice, sound and text-oriented practices that put into question prescriptive conceptions of the self, these group hypnosis sessions propose a way out of our current predicament.

The collective practice of hypnosis stimulates the imagination while gradually building a multi-sensory, layered experience. In the hypnotic trance we are still in full control of our bodies and minds but at the same time we have access to another level of consciousness where stories, ideas and sensations can come alive, create positive change and promote deep transformative shifts.

The session requires no prior knowledge and is open to anyone from the age of 14, including those who have never tried hypnosis or guided meditation before. 


Diana Duta is an artist working with sound in hypnotic ways, with a background in art and socio-cultural linguistics. She makes music performances, works for radio, sound installations and collaborative translation projects. In 2023, she received  training in Sound therapy from the Institut Français de Sonothérapie at the Abbaye de Valsaintes, France.

Julia E. Dyck is an artist, hypnotist and radio producer whose relational and speculative practice explores the possible connections between the body, (sub)consciousness & technology through performance, composition, installation and transmission.